Bethel Visiting Nurse Association

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Bethel Visiting Nurse Association is your source for professional, compassionate home health care. For almost 90 years, community support has enabled Bethel VNA to provide this quality home care to patients of all ages and incomes.


Our deep roots in the communities we serve are a special strength. We have longstanding relationships with local physicians and community organizations. Our staff members live in the area and have years of service with Bethel VNA. A grateful patient recently said, “One of Bethel VNA’s strengths is having local staff. This sense of community has curative powers.”


Today, Bethel VNA faces increased costs for delivering care, decreased reimbursement rates and increased numbers of patients who lack adequate health insurance. As a nonprofit organization, we appreciate your donation in any amount. Your support helps us reach friends and neighbors who can least afford home care.


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Thank you,


Ken Stevens



Maggie Burke, MS

Executive Director


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